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What MED-V v2 will offer above and beyond XP Mode

Image configuration

  • Automate first-time virtual PC setup based on an IT customized script – including assignment of a unique computer name, joining to AD domain
  • Adjust Virtual PC memory allocation based on available RAM on host, so that the virtual PC does not take significant resources from the user


  • Integrate with System Center Configuration Manager to deliver and update Virtual PC images and policies
  • Assign Virtual PC images according to users and groups
  • Define which Windows XP applications will be available to the user through the start menu
  • Define which websites (e.g. internal sites that requires a previous version of Internet Explorer) are redirected automatically to Windows XP


  • Control the network settings of the Virtual PC (e.g. whether it connects through NAT or DHCP, whether its DNS is synchronized with host)
  • Authenticate user before granting access to the Virtual PC
  • Set expiration date, after which the Virtual PC is not accessible to the end user

Maintenance and support

  • Update images using TrimTransfer network image delivery – update a master Virtual PC image, and MED-V will automaticallydistribute and apply the changes to all endpoints
  • Centralized database aggregates events from all users, and provides troubleshooting information on malfunctioning virtual PCs
  • Administrator diagnostics mode allows faster resolution of Virtual PC issues
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