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Good Blogs to Follow on AppCompat, Virtualization, and System Center

For managing virtualization (whether it be at the desktop or the datacenter) it is imperative to stay on top of the latest developments, announcements, guidelines, and support issues.
I am a firm believer in blogs as a quick way to get this information out to people as well as the quickest way to stay in touch as a customer.
Here is a list of blogs that I personally keep up with. Many of these blogs you have already heard of while some may be new to you. These are the most popular blogs I have from Microsoft in my RSS feed:
The App-V Team blog:
The MED-V Team Blog:
The Microsoft Virtualization Blog:
The SysInternals Site Blog:
Mark’s Blog:
M2’s Blog:
The SCVMM Team blog:
The Windows Virtual PC Team Blog:
The WSUS Support Team blog:
Cheng’s Blog:
The ConfigMgr Support Team blog:
The OpsMgr Support Team blog:
The MDOP Blog:
Virtual PC Guy’s Blog:
Chris Jackson, The AppCompat Guy
I promise to keep this list updated periodically.
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