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Latest MDOP Developments Regarding Virtualization (App-V/MED-V)

I really need to do something about my tardiness when it comes to these announcements. Once again, I am late on the subject of a key announcement regarding App-V and MED-V.

First off: On May 25th, the MDOP team announced the release of App-V 4.5 Service Pack 2. This is a comprehensive service pack for all components (Client, Server, Sequencer)

Here is the App-V team’s posting:


The Documentation update information is also available. The “About SP2” topic is http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff699129.aspx and the SP2 release notes topic is http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff699130.aspx

Another interesting item – This will be the first release of App-V to be available through Windows Update/Microsoft Update/WSUS. To quote the product team:

"We will be adding a new product family to your WSUS server – Microsoft Application Virtualization.  The Microsoft Application Virtualization product family will include updates for all Microsoft Application Virtualization products. It will include a variety of update types, e.g. service packs, optional updates, critical updates and security updates.  Additionally, Microsoft Application Virtualization updates will be available through Microsoft Update and the Microsoft Update Catalog http://catalog.update.microsoft.com. "

To read all the details see New Category and Product Family for Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 on the WSUS product team blog:


MED-V v2 development is well underway and a TAP program followed by an open beat is soon to follow. According to the MED-V product team, the positioning of MED-V v2 will revolve around Windows 7 migration and application compatibility.

MED-V v2 Beta will enable customers to pre-configure MED-V workspaces that can be delivered to user desktops via System Center Configuration Manager or any electronic software distribution (ESD) tools, and will also provide users with all the functionality of Windows XP Mode including seamless applications, USB support and printer capabilities.

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) v2 Beta will be available in CYQ4, Customers wishing to participate in the TAP program that begins Mid-June can email medvtap@microsoft.com.

The MED-V v2 TAP program benefits you with:

•Designated point of contact on the product team
•Regular communications with the product team
•Opportunity to provide feedback for the MED-V v2 release
•Access to pre-release versions of the product and the ability to deploy into production before the product ships
•Priority 24×7 product support up until the shipping of the product, plus 30 days

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