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App-V: always Always ALWAYS!! exit the Sequencer before snapshotting your Sequencer VM

Never, ever, ever  . . . never, ever, ever snapshot your sequencer virtual machine while the App-V sequencer application is still running. I am not talking about monitoring. I am talking about simply having the sequencer program left running (even without a package loaded) while the virtual machine is being snapshotted.

I’ll explain why this can be bad and how it can get you into trouble.

When the App-V sequencer creates a GUID for the package that needs to be unique. If somehow two packages get the same GUID, you will run into an error at deployment and need to re-sequence.

For example, If you do the following:

1.) Install Sequencer.

2.) Open Sequencer – take snapshot.

3.) Sequence Package A. Copy to External Location.

4.) Revert VM.

5.) Sequence Package B. Copy to External Location.

Then upon deployment, you will run into problems due to packages having the same (identical) GUIDs. For example, when deploying to an App-V Management Server

1.) Import first package – all is successful

2.) 2nd package appears to be successful but the second package never imports even though the application(s) from the second package appear in the console. The applications actually show as being from the first package rather than the second package.

This is caused by the 4.6 code creating a default working package and GUID behind the scenes upon launching of the sequencer process.
This behavior has changed and varied with releases. Older Softgrid releases may generate the GUID on launch, some versions prior to 4.6 stopped this and generated the GUID only after the “File-New” option. With 4.6, we definitely still have this issue.

My co-worker who worked the latest sequencer beta did inform me this is now fixed in 4.6 SP1 however, the current recommendation is not to have the sequencer opened when taking snapshots of VMs. It makes no sense to have the sequencer opened during snapshots.

  1. Aaron
    August 2, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    I’m surprised that people take snapshots with VMs running at all – the size of the snapshot now must include the amount of assigned RAM.

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