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MED-V V1 Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery in MED-V v1 is a very straight-forward and seamless process. Offline access is available for those clients who have already cached their MED-V client authentications. One of the first steps in ensuring a good disaster recovery plan for this version of MED-V is to establish continuity through offline access. This will assume all images that the users need will have been downloaded. Information on MED-V v1 credentials and offline access can be found here:


For the MED-V server, since the configuration is all XML-based, the process for backing up crucial data is very easy and does not even require a system state backup. In my MED-V v1 environments, I simply backup the XML configuration, the reporting database, and the server-side images. This process is outlined in the following article:


The article is pretty straightforward on the key locations for images and configuration:

\Med-V\Med-V Server Images

\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Desktop\Servers\ConfigurationServer

It also goes through the restoration process which is just as straight forward. The article does not mention the reporting database. While true, reporting is an option in MED-V V1 and is not required for the server to be operational, most organizations still using MED-V v1 are making use of the reporting database. If the database is locally available on the MED-V server (i.e. though SQL Server Express) please ensure that you are backing up the database (defaults to “medv”) manually using SQL Management Studio Express or through whatever means your database administrators backup databases.

– Steve Thomas

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