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MED-V: Published Batch Files/Command Scripts Should use Internal Start Command to Call

Whether you are using MED-V versions 1.0 or 2.0, batch files or published batch files (or command scripts) with MED-V should be approached in the same manner. Essentially, when you are publishing any script using *.BAT or *.CMD extensions, you may find the parent command window never closes when spawning the external command.

For example,

If you were to run the following batch file:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe “\\NETWORK\FOLDER

The end result would be an open explorer window with a parent command prompt window remaining open until explorer is closed.

This is a design issue with command processing and batch files when using default syntax.

To resolve this, replace the last command by pre-pending a start command to it to make the window disappear.

Use the following syntax:

start %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe “\\NETWORK\FOLDER

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