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MED-V v2: Documents Folder Opens up Very Slowly

If you are using MED-V and you find that the user’s “My Documents” folder is very slow when launching from workspace, you need to verify the deployment strategy used because seamless folder integration between the host and the guest is one of the great improvements in the latest release of MED-V.

Chances are if you experiencing this in v2, it is due to the latency of network-based redirected folders for the “My Documents” folder. Either the “My Documents” folder has been redirected to a network drive on a remote server or it has been redirected to the host drive via SMB (UNC path to the host name of the MED-V Client host.) In the case of the latter, even though the drive mapping is to the host, it is using the SMB protocol which is treated like a network redirection.

In previous releases of MED-V, these workarounds were the only way to seamlessly synchronize the documents folder between the host and the guest.

In version 2 of MED-V, instead of leveraging the VPC network stack for folder redirection, it uses the RAIL/RDP method of folder redirection by relocating the guest documents folder to the local host via RDP (\\tsclient\c\etc.) This will drastically improve performance when moving files between the guest and the host. Do not apply group policies for folder redirection to XP workspace or manually redirect the My Documents folder. If integration components and folder redirection was enabled in the underlying VPC configuration, MED-V will automatically provide the RDP-based synchronization between the workspace and host documents folder.

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