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MED-V V1: How to Update the Policy Update\Polling Interval

Within MED-V V1, you can modify the default policy interval by modifying one of the XML files on the client. While the official documentation alludes to this:

“A typical MED-V Management Server can support 5000 users based on the recommended hardware configuration. The client-server communication is lightweight: clients are normally configured to poll the server for policy every 15 minutes, and image updates every 4 hours (Can be changed using MED-V configuration)”

What is does not state is how exactly you change the policy update interval from the default interval of 15 minutes.

To modify the Policy Update Interval, this would have to be done on the client side. You can do this by editing the Configuration.XML located in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\MED-V\Local\Config

The value is UpdaterTimeInterval and it is found under the element as displayed in the example below:

<WorkspaceKeys type="System.String">Kidaro.KeysStorage.KeysConfigurationFileProcessor</WorkspaceKeys>
<ClientPolicy type="System.String">Kidaro.Policy.Server.PolicyFileProcessor</ClientPolicy>
<!-- Should the service update the configuration from the server. -->
<EnableServer type="System.Boolean">true</EnableServer>
<!-- Time interval in seconds between updates of configuration files. -->
<UpdaterTimeInterval type="System.Int32">900</UpdaterTimeInterval>

Increase the default UpdaterTimeInterval value of 900 (15 minutes in seconds) to desired interval then save the file and restart the MED-V Client service.

MED-V 1.0: Error: “Failed to fetch policy from the server”

After upgrading the MED-V 1.0 Server to either SP1 or SP2, the MED-V clients may get the following error:

“Failed to fetch policy from the server.”

You may also get this same error when trying to open up the MED-V Management console.

This can happen if the server version is newer than the client. For example, the server may be version 1.0.200 yet the clients may be 1.0.105.

Upgrading the clients to the same version (or later) than the server is the only solution to this problem.

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