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MDOP 2010 is Here

As announced on the MDOP Blog:
The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack release for 2010 is now available! With this comes the release of App-V 4.6 which provides RDS support for Windows Server 2008 R2, x64 platform support, and an improved sequencer. Also with this comes the release of Service Pack 1 for MED-V 1.0 which provides added support for Windows 7 hosts including both x64 and x86 platform support.
For more specific information on App-V 4.6, please visit the App-V blog at:
For more specific information on MED-V 1.0 SP1, please visit the MED-V blog at:
Accelerate your adoption of Office 2010 with Microsoft Application Virtualization
App-V’s native streaming, no installation and isolation capabilities deliver Office 2010 faster than a traditional install and with less user productivity impact.  Users can run multiple versions side by side, easing the learning curve associated with advancements like the ribbon user interface. IT has more time to migrate LOB applications dependent on older Office versions.
Accelerate your migration to Windows 7 with desktop virtualization
In the migration to Windows 7 you may find applications that aren’t compatible, still require Internet Explorer 6, or cannot be fixed by traditional methods.  MED-V can help you remove these deployment barriers.
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