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Yes, Trusteer Rapport does break App-V

August 18, 2011 1 comment

You may have encountered problem with slow logons, slow startups, and slow access to applications when using App-V in conjunction with security software known as Trusteer Rapport. The Trusteer Rapport issue is timing related. It also appears to have a signficant effect on Windows XP machines (since the App-V Client service cannot be set to a delayed start.)

For information on Trusteer Rapport, this is their own support page:

According to their FAQ, it is currently listed as not being compatible with App-V and that they’re working with the vendor to resolve it.

From their FAQ, as it’s not entirely easy to find:

There’s a section under there about “are there any known conflicts” which leads to the app-v page:

and here:

Why is it happening?

There is contention when you startup as this software is preventing SFTLIST from completing initialization. This is the SFT Listener process which is a primary component of the App-V Client service. If you combine this with  SFTTRAY launching at startup (within the “Run” registry key) as well as combining this with SFTDCC loading in USERINIT (to support DC Refresh upon login if configured) –  the resulting negative user experience ranges extremely slow logons to virtual applications never being available.

So What are your Options?

You can uninstall Trustee Rapport or you can try to get them working together by leveraging KB 973756 which takes SFTTRAY /autostart out of the run key.

Step two in this article may turn you off as it requires putting the App-V client service in manual startup mode.

Also note – some customers have gotten success with the delayed start feature on Windows 7 for the App-V client service.

– Steve Thomas