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App-V: Description of Feature Flags When Configuring the Office 2010 Deployment Kit for App-V

For the Feature Flags that come with the Office Deployment Kit, customers may have questions as to what feature options under ADDLOCAL and ADDDEFAULT align with the specific feature.When you deploy to the sequencer, we are determining what elements will be bypassed and leveraged by the handlers during the sequencing process





The options here:

  • Click2runMapi: For MAPI Overrides 
  • Click2runOWSSupp: Microsoft SharePoint Client Support 
  • Click2runWDS: Search MAPI Protocol Handler and Host Search MAPI Protocol Handler Manager Overrides. This allows for Fast Search in Outlook 
  • OSpp: Microsoft KMS Client. 
  • OSpp_Core: Office Software Protection Platform
  • OSppWoW64: Microsoft KMS Client for x64.

Then on the client, we deploy the handlers which place in the host-side handlers. This will expose the proxies.


  • Click2runOneNoteProxy: Send to OneNote printer Proxy
  • Click2runOutlookProxies: All MAPI and Mail control panel applet 
  • Click2runWDSProxy: Search Proxy and Office Document indexing 
  • Click2runOWSSuppProxies: Sharepoint Client
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